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Bit of an odd one   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
I know this isn't what the bakery is for, but it is the Halfbakery section.

Anyone in Boston willing to put me up for about a week at the end of March? I will be in the area helping out at a rather large gaming/nerdy convention type thing run by the people from Penny Arcade ( a very large and popular webcomic ).
Living, as I do, in England this is already going to cost me a reasonable amount to come over, and whilst it will be like some sort of weird holiday, I am essentially paying to volunteer at this massive shindig.
I'm not saying that I am not more than happy to make a monetary contribution to stay somewhere, I would just rather not shell out the sort of rates required for a hotel.
If you would be happy to help out a wonderfully charming, cheerful, really lovely young British lad, that would be much appreciated, send an e-mail to KieranGee at ymail dot com.

( Dear [Jutta] I shall remove this idea rather swiftly if it is not well received, or if you say so ).
-- kaz, Jan 07 2010

The only way to travel...
good luck and let me know [blissmiss, Jan 07 2010]

some sort of mini half con would be kinda cool, don't know just how tired I will be from running around. There is the possibility of room sharing with fellow volunteers, but it is still early days organisation wise.
-- kaz, Jan 07 2010

Don't you couch surf? If not, I'll post a link. If I were still on the East Coast I would gladly have you, but alas, now I'm on the other. The west one. You know, like in San Fransisco.
-- blissmiss, Jan 07 2010

Tis the thought that counts [blissmiss], cheers. My Aunt lives in the San Francisco area, so if the convention were there I would be sorted.
-- kaz, Jan 07 2010

[blissmiss] Are you now bi-coastal? Or have the sunset views of the western shores inveigled you to the correct coast?
-- csea, Jan 07 2010

I've moved my heart, my soul and the rest of me to San Fransisco. As it should be. No more cold, no more.
-- blissmiss, Jan 07 2010

I just moved here this Monday. My friend from Connecticut and her mom are here, and they needed a nurse. I came, and now I'm staying.
-- blissmiss, Jan 07 2010

Brava! I'm currently in the extreme NW coast - San Juan Islands, almost [canuck] and [2fries] land, but will be back soon.

Don't forget to invite [jutta].
-- csea, Jan 07 2010

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