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Culture: Fireworks
Black Fireworks   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
Lots of visual impact and noise -- and nightowl friendly.

Could come in many standard burst orientations, and strange persistant geometrics.

Possibly incorporating florescent dye for twilight displays in conjuction with UV lasers.
-- reensure, Sep 13 2001

Daylight Fireworks http://www.halfbake...aylight_20fireworks
Already in the oven, if I understand your idea correctly. [Jim, Sep 13 2001]

I thought this was going to be fireworks for funerals or ceremonies of mourning, like black crepe paper hung in the sky. (Daylight only, of course.)
-- Dog Ed, Sep 14 2001

I thought this was going to be an Ebony TV celebration announcement or something.

Maybe these are fireworks that will only show up when viewed under a black light (like those little green dots on US and Canadian money that glow when placed in UV light)? Ahh, the memories of those black velvet dayglo posters I had in my room in the 60s.....
-- Canuck, Sep 14 2001

Thanks, Jim. I forgot to search for 'fireworks' in HB or I'd have linked to it.

BTW: I remember the Letterman night mentioned at the Daylight Fireworks posting. Ooohs and Aaahs, with nothing visible outside. Too funny. Not to change the subject, but our local radio did the 'Mime Traffic Report' for awhile … Cute little tune and choppy rotor sounds. Didn't play for long, so I don't think anyone was stepping out for a few draws.
-- reensure, Sep 14 2001

I can, sort of, understand the 'strange, persistant geometries' aspect of this idea. The night sky isn't totally black on most nights, it's a dark blue and illuminated by the stars and the moon. So an explosion of blackness would leave some very strange after images on the eye as it blots out the background light. I can see that it would be Lovecraft friendly but why nightowl friendly? Croissant anyway.
-- DrBob, Sep 14 2001

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