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Quick action blade launcher slings blades.

Simultaneously flicks open and ejects a blade along the length of its blade with a long compressed spring that is guided by a track in the blade. The blade is also electro- magnetized to attract the dart and more ferrous blood.

Sheathing the blade compresses the launching spring. Once the launching spring is decompressed upon opening, and the dart or blade ejected along the blade's length, it must be resheathed before closing, and the sheath removed before opening and launching. Once the spring is decompressed it can remain beside the blade to enhance stabbing repetition. When the blade flicks open the compressed spring launches the smaller blade or dart contained in the knuckleduster magazine handle.
-- rcarty, Dec 27 2013

Blade Launcher
[rcarty, Dec 27 2013]

Ballistic_knife http://en.wikipedia...iki/Ballistic_knife
[mitxela, Dec 27 2013]

[+] sharp things.

-- 8th of 7, Dec 27 2013

So this is a knife that shoots another smaller knife. I am certain it would go off in my pocket.

It may have done so just now.
-- bungston, Dec 27 2013

Is that a fatal thigh wound, or are you just pleased to see me? Doesn't really have a ring to it...
-- not_morrison_rm, Dec 27 2013

The combined action of flicking open 180 degrees and the spring decompressing launches the blade. The dart or blade should reach the end of the blade by the time the blade opens from 0 to 180.

The electromagnetic blade and the stabbing spring are bonusus in the design. Once the spring is decompressed it rests against the side of the blade, so that stabbing to the hilt would recompress it, although stabbing less deeply allows the wielder to take advantage of the recoil for repeated stabs.
-- rcarty, Dec 27 2013

Ballistic knives exist, of course, but this design is unique because it uses lever and spring loading in combination.
-- rcarty, Dec 27 2013

Cool, you should file for a patent on it.
-- leinypoo13, Dec 27 2013

I can't think of any polite uses for such an implement, so [-].
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2013

Maybe I will lienypoo, maybe I will...(Begins dream sequence...)

Polite use... Defending your honour against the slights of a ruffian.
-- rcarty, Dec 27 2013

Really having a flying knife as part of a regular knife seems like gilding the lily. The real knife should be only part of ones person not toting spring loaded flying knives. When the ruffian slights you, you pull out your knife, and when he scoffs because of his bigger knife, more knives (some serrated!) fly forth from your person. In all directions!

Warn your companion this might take place, possibly with very short notice.
-- bungston, Dec 28 2013

You allude to the blade suit inspired by the porcupine that uses air pressure to raise erect and eject blades that harmlessly lay flat against the body. Blade suits can stack blades like scales so pressure release through the air system stands and ejects many blades at once.
-- rcarty, Dec 29 2013

There's one very good reason why knife-throwing is not a practical combat skill: if you miss, get ready to be killed by your own weapon. If you're really skilled I suppose it's a decent ambush option since it's quiet, but compressed springs and sliding metal tracks are not.
-- Alterother, Dec 29 2013

Funny - I stuck a knife in the wall last night. I was proud that I had not lost my touch, yet dismayed that it was not the wall I was aiming at.
-- normzone, Dec 29 2013

It's more about the dream of the blade launcher, than little impracticalities that burst the dream bubble. It's the one where the blade launcher is constructed from some old mousetraps and throws rusty straightened nails, flattened and filed to a point with an old rock. It's when the creaking of the rusty hinge, and the squeal of the spring sliding in the track is part of the nightmarish ambience of rusty iron and bloody flesh wounds of the blade launcher's morbid domain. The slung nail is just a warning shot as the springloaded joint of wood and steel flicks open and the nail shard glances off a forehead or takes someone clean in the belly. The blade launcher isn't an effective weapon, it's meant to be wielded in deprivation after all the live ammunition has been fired, in the post-apocalypse.
-- rcarty, Dec 29 2013

In that case I apologize. I took this idea entirely the wrong way. Have fun in your bubble!
-- Alterother, Dec 29 2013

Really the blade launcher is about is the inner turmoil of the 'artist' and repressed hostility that manifests itself visually in poorly formed sketches in pencil, and clumsily worded form submissions in type. The post is an act of agression against the very critics who would oppose its submission, and whose utilitarian preferences constrain his desires.
-- rcarty, Dec 29 2013

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