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Bleep you buddy   (+17)  [vote for, against]
I'm sorry but we're going to have to bloink that.

A campaign to turn the word bleep into a naughty word, so as to retroactively make millions of hours of TV offensive.
-- the porpoise, Nov 24 2015

Profanity context beeps [the porpoise, Nov 24 2015] [hippo, Nov 25 2015]

This is an awesome idea.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2015

Bleepin excellent ya bleeper!
-- pocmloc, Nov 25 2015

-- Voice, Nov 25 2015

-- hippo, Nov 25 2015

Splendid +

When we've done with "bleep" can we move onto others?

I find "fricking" particularly horrible instead of the correct word (which is now obviously "bleeping").
-- DenholmRicshaw, Nov 25 2015

"Cool" is actually the human mammal making a very powerful "coo", as when an infant child coos. Thinking in this frame of mind I've heard some very hilarious and powerful coos, so if we get right to the nuts and bolts of bleep, then maybe it will manifest similairly. Bleep is close to a flatulence sound, or just as equally noise easiest to produce when the buttcheeks are pinched together. Then if that is converted to a sound of air being expelled from the vagina during sexual relations then you could bleep a girl right in her bleeper and like to find that bleeper who ruined the movie and bleep him errr her in her bleep button.
-- guncandy, Nov 25 2015

// air being expelled from the vagina during sexual relations // The word for this occurrence is not explicitly vulgar where I live, but is mildly taboo, and therefore hilarious when used to refer to co-workers at work.
-- evilpenguin, Nov 25 2015

Fucking bleepinesence. Love.
-- blissmiss, Nov 25 2015

+ bleepin’ overdue croissant
-- xandram, Apr 02 2022

Darn you to heck!
-- 21 Quest, Apr 02 2022

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