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A large-bore drinking straw with a mini-blender on the end so you can blend stuff and drink the result without having to wait. You only blend as much as you want.
(Inspired by [ichinichi] and [The Military]'s annotations on 'Improved Spork'.)
-- angel, Jul 03 2001

This is madness! The good kind, though. Big roll for you.
-- The Military, Jul 03 2001

Don't stick the wrong end in your mouth, though . . .
-- smizzou, Jul 03 2001

Can you reverse it for spit-ball fights?
-- Reverend D, Jul 03 2001

Kids I know like to squeeze an orange until it's mostly mush and then suck the juice out with a staw. This idea is even better.
-- Dog Ed, Jul 04 2001

Or someone else's on the sly! The possibilities are limitless.
-- The Military, Jul 04 2001

it would be handy if you could make sure that the product was evenly blended. to make a strawberry shake, for example, you have to blend the berries and the cream until there is an even distribution of berries in the cream.

this would be the equivilent of a juicer, i think, rather than a blender.
-- butterhed, Jul 24 2003

Sounds nice to could make microsmoothies for the fitness-concious midget.
-- shapu, Jul 02 2004

Sorry, I just put something like this into the bakery, except more for allowing people without teeth to eat regular meals! It’s gone now though.
-- deep fried ice-cream, Aug 29 2007

My farrier got kicked in the face by a horse while at farrier school. Had his jaw wired shut for several months.

He said the best meal he had during that whole time was a liver and onions smoothie.
-- normzone, Aug 29 2007

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