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An add-on for your MP3 player.

As far as I know, the only reliable way to transfer songs and stuff from your computer to your MP3 device is by a cable. This is no problem if your computer has the right slots, but the cords can get ripped out accidentally during file transfers, and other nasty stuff like that. However, a lot of people use Bluetooth devices on their computers now. Utilising Bluetooth on your MP3 player is an easy way to transfer your files, with some added benefits:

1: Bluetooth access can come in two ways: a Bluetooth transmitter built-in to the device, or an external transmitter that you buy at the store.

2: Wireless transfers mean no more cable-snapping-in-mid-download fiascos.

3: Two Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players might have the possibility of transferring songs to each other (if the company and the law allow it)

4: It's easy. Just click and you're hooked up to your computer.
-- croissantz, Jun 22 2007

For player to player communication (or player to headset, etc) Bluetooth is pretty good. Its entirely too slow for syncing with a computer, though... around 3 Mb/sec instead of over 400 Mb/sec.
-- JordanG, Jun 22 2007

seems like bluetooth is the new USB for the bakery for a while; Bluetooth + arbitrary chosen && existing gaget = idea. [-]
-- sweet, Jun 22 2007

My phone plays mp3s - it also does bluetooth - I think the idea has been done - and really, ought to be widely known to exist - But I'm not that into the whole mp3 thing (I thought the iPod was fairly bollocks) - so maybe I'm missing something.
-- zen_tom, Jun 22 2007

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