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Turn your car into a steam train

A metal tube with a magnetic base filled with dry ice, or some form of environmentally acceptable smoke machine.

Congratulations, to the casual bystander, your automobile is now a steam train. Some twenty-first century observers may be frustrated that they can't raise their top hats as you pass.

As a user, you have the added fun of not *quite* being able to see through the cloud of smoke in front of your windscreen, unless you opt for the "Stevenson's Rocket" version which disperses the smoke at a higher level.

Comes in at least 3 colours and a choice of designs.
-- Fishrat, Feb 24 2006

Stanley Dryer Stanley_20Dryer
[theircompetitor, Feb 24 2006]

Fantastic. Could also be coupled with hubcaps, front and back on each side joined by a long metal pole, like the drive shafts on old trains. Oh, and a massive (faux) iron cow catcher, too.
-- calum, Feb 24 2006

I have always wanted a top hat. Of course, I think that three cornered hats and those long coats with all the buttons, knee britches and stockings would look good on me also.
-- normzone, Feb 24 2006

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