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Now your breasts can dance in time to the music all on their ownsome!

This cunning contraption is a bra, fitted with those music sensitive devices they use to make dancing flowerpots, Santas, Big Mouth Billy Bob Basses, etc.

Especially useful for barmaids who have their hands full of drinks - now they can jiggle their juggies while juggling the jiggers.

I can't believe I said that. Especially with po in the room.

[Gently, ping, jiggle gently - we're not out to hurt anyone in a very sensitive area. And as for degradation, this is strictly for those who want such a thing - we're not out to degrade anyone either. To quote from your own idea (!), this simply allows you a "look-here-are-my-breasts wiggle" without upsetting your balance. Syncopated.]
-- DrCurry, Oct 14 2005

Sheesh, should have patented this one...
The Big Mouth Billy Bass version. [DrCurry, Jul 19 2007]

by Britney's boobs [jaksplat, Jul 20 2007]

Ah, the air is beginning to freshen as Fall descends.
-- reensure, Oct 14 2005

who told you that I was once the world's worst barmaid? a very petulant husband made me give up the job as I was having too much fun.

can you switch it off?
-- po, Oct 14 2005

I think it wouldn't even work ... try making jelatin move to a rithm ... it rebounds and introduces additional unwanted waves...
-- ixnaum, Oct 14 2005

It must be jelly (coz jam don't shake like that).
-- angel, Oct 14 2005

DrC, I'm shocked. Perhaps you are auditioning to take the (late great) Farmer's place? so where's the illustration...
-- dentworth, Oct 14 2005

A defining moment in his halfbaking career condemns DrCurry to forever be known as "The Boogie Woogie Booby Boy Of Halfbakery".
-- half, Oct 14 2005

Hah, good one half, how about Booby- wooby jiggle boy.
-- dentworth, Oct 14 2005

It'll probably cause a rash...better include lots of talcum powder with the set.
-- Blisterbob, Oct 14 2005

visualises great puffs of talcum powder ...
-- po, Oct 14 2005

//That would hurt quite a bit. I don't think someone other than a prostitute or a masochist would submit to having parts of her body "animated" in this degrading way.//

There was this SNL episode with Britney SpI see what you mean.
-- shapu, Oct 14 2005

Funny, Honey, but I hope the cliff FJ stepped over is still too far away for you, Dr. C.
-- Zimmy, Oct 15 2005

//DrC, I'm shocked. Perhaps you are auditioning to take the (late great) Farmer's place?//

As soon as FJ comes back and draws a picture, for Dr. Curry, of a pig flying...

Mine jiggle, jump, and juggle with absolutely no mechanical help. It's called having "good tits". They came from my mom, and she got em from hers.
-- blissmiss, Oct 15 2005

[bliss]: so you got them from her after she was finished with them?
-- Cedar Park, Oct 15 2005

[bliss] - maybe you could post a photo of... no, that request might not go down so well.
-- wagster, Oct 15 2005

Yup, along with my liver, my reddish hair, my long legs, and crappy temper.
-- blissmiss, Oct 15 2005

Well, good grief, see link.
-- DrCurry, Jul 19 2007

Your milkshake is better than theirs

It brings all the bakers to the yard
-- normzone, Jul 19 2007

I baked this a few weeks ago, but wasn't feeling Benfrost enough to post my "Jiggle Enhancing Bra" idea. [+]
-- Giblet, Jul 20 2007

What about a computer, sensors, and actuators in the bra that keep the breasts in the "perfect position", even while doing jumping jacks?

I wonder how much forward energy is lost as waste-jiggle over an entire marathon?
-- Giblet, Jul 21 2007

Are you going to post an idea regarding capturing that energy and using it as a source to power something else? Double dog dare you :-)
-- normzone, Jul 21 2007

That would require a punny name to end all punny names.
-- Giblet, Jul 21 2007

Rather than the mechanism you don't describe, I suggest using a tens machine. It firms while it entertains.
-- marklar, Jul 22 2007

It would definitely work if breast implants were designed with this rhythm feature...
-- gfundl, Jul 22 2007

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