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Product: Book: Accessory
Book Drying Sheets   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Dry books out quickly

Every so often, I find that I have been stupid enough to leave a book outside, and, due to me living in England, it rains on it.

I have to resort to leaving the book open in front of an energy-inefficient light in order to dry it.

In disposable nappies, they use special polymers which can absorb large amounts of water (I saw this demonstrated at a plasics lecture by means of a cup with some of the polymer in it, pour water in, then turn upside-down - voila! nothing comes out).

Combine this polymer into thin sheets of paper - say, the same thickness as tissue paper, and when your book gets wet, you can insert these sheets between the pages and it will dry the book within minutes!

Alternatively, you could print new books using this paper as the paper of which the book is printed, and it would never get soggy!
-- dbmag9, Jul 31 2005

Book drying http://www2.lib.ude...ation/wet_books.htm
Drying books. [Basepair, Jul 31 2005]

Per the above link: "Use fans to keep the air circulating in the drying space" http://www.halfbake...0deodorizer_20_7ebz
Would this gizmo do? Not conceived specifically for book drying. [half, Aug 01 2005]

The drying of the book is never the problem for me, it's the smudging of the text, the crinkling of the pages and the inescapable moulting of the most important pages of the book.
-- pooduck, Jul 31 2005

Hopefully this would dry the book so quickly that the text would not have time to smudge, the pages would not have time to crinkle and the most important pages of the book would not have time to inescapably moult.
-- dbmag9, Jul 31 2005

A scheme most fiendish in its simplicity!
-- pooduck, Jul 31 2005

Plastic paper? Like Aussie banknotes?
-- st3f, Jul 31 2005

I would stop buying as many books if they didn't give me that lovely unopened-book-paper smell when I first opened them, [st3f], and besides, this is for books that already exist, rather than new ones.
-- dbmag9, Jul 31 2005

-- Basepair, Jul 31 2005

Self-promotional linky.
-- half, Aug 01 2005

I've used a microwave oven before.

use a low setting and periodically fan through the pages as it is drying.

easy to catch the sucker on fire though so do it slow.
-- meandeanmachine, Aug 01 2005

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