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Culture: Office Games
Boom Tish Watch   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Discreet rescue device for twattish comments.

How to fill that stunned silence in meetings after you have said something, in all seriousness, that you *thought* was completely relevant and sensible to the business crisis being discussed, but you instantaneously realise (thanks partially to the stunned silence) is actually a very public exposé of the fact you hadn't read any of the meeting material?

Before the office brown-nose chimes in with some cutting observation that deepens your hole of shame, discretely press the face of your Boom Tish Watch and co-ordinate the resulting loud <boom> <tish> with a large cheesy grin, hands flat on the table, palms up, eyebrows raised as far up toward your hairline as they will go.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 29 2005

Sound Effects Keychain http://therestlessm...DqfyBP/product/2302
Cousin to this product, et al. [jurist, Sep 29 2005]

He he. Wouldn't that be, "Buh-dump, tish"?
-- JesusHChrist, Sep 29 2005

Would need to be a big watch. Useful if you're me though...
-- wagster, Sep 29 2005

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