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Product: Phone Filter
Boring Call Deadman Switch   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Get time for two breaths before your next call

This would be a combination mute button, digital voice recorder, and audio line break inserter that would record your voice while your caller is speaking, wait until they've stopped speaking, switch you to another line, play back your response ("Great, gotta go, Bye!") and hang up.
Like a most boring caller would talk for, say, two or three minutes before hearing your recording, and you'd be by then well into another call.
-- reensure, Sep 20 2000

I'm sorry, what?
-- thumbwax, Oct 04 2000

Tech support hint: Hang up while YOU'RE talking. They'll call back, but they'll probably get someone else and think the problem was their phone line..
-- StarChaser, Oct 05 2000

Been using that one for years, StarChaser. It works like a charm, doesn't it?

Another trick- if you've got a mute button- is to tap the button repeatedly so the caller thinks they've got a bad line and hangs up themselves. That way, your manager can't see that you hung up on someone- which some phone systems can detect.
-- BigThor, Dec 08 2000

<grins> Done that too...See my website, the 'Doofus of the Day' website.
-- StarChaser, Dec 09 2000

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