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oh yeah

Footie season starts today. I got the crisps the beer the remote and the news paper on my armchair, which leaves no room for the bottle opener!! I might have to lean over to get it exhausting maybe up to a dozen muscles. I want the bottle opener and remote combined to save space and effort. Preferably a D- shaped crown cork opener rather than one of those claw type boyos.

-- etherman, Aug 13 2005

X10 Beer Buddy Remote http://rpelectronic...ent/Items/UR41A.asp
This one will open wine bottles as well as beer bottles. [jurist, Aug 13 2005]

Cold Beer And Remote Control http://www.azlyrics...dremotecontrol.html
Only two things bound to soothe an Indigo Girl's soul... [jurist, Aug 13 2005]

"Beer Buckle"
these are sure to make a good addition to your many so you don't have to go looking for that 1 belt for drinking. :) [babyhawk, Aug 13 2005]

But thats exactly the clawy type of bottle opener I loath and detest. I want a D- shaped one!!!

Oh and I want it in team colours.
-- etherman, Aug 13 2005

<sneaks in, steals [etherman]s remote, tv and beer and watches if [etherman] will now make something of his life and starts planning to steal all remotes all over the world and...>
-- zeno, Aug 13 2005

Actually, this is a pretty fair idea, right up there with Swiss Army Cellphones and Multi-Tool PDAs, and far less likely to be a problem with Airport Security.

I expected to find dozens of examples of universal remotes with novelty beer openers attached. Somewhat to my surprise, aside from the X10 model noted in the links and one model reputedly made by Phillips and once sold by Dick Smith Electronics in Australia, I didn't find many references.

I think a Bottle Opener Remote could be a popular gag gift for the sports-enthusiast couch potato in your life. But it doesn't really send the right message to the kids in the household, does it?
-- jurist, Aug 13 2005

Luckily the only juvenile in my house is me.
-- etherman, Aug 13 2005

I watched a colleague opening a bottle with another bottle's cap the other day. So maybe you just need more beer?
-- oniony, Aug 13 2005

[etherman] ......... Duct tape my man ........ ......... ...... duct tape .............. ................sold[+]
-- Gryph, Aug 13 2005

two things: 1) they now make bottle openers on belt buckles(link)....enough said there. and 2) my husband can open bottles with his wedding ring. Simply becuase he has a big, sturdy wedding ring. But I still think this idea has a huge market and a great chance of success, so bun for you my man. :)
-- babyhawk, Aug 13 2005

Oniony: yes

Gryph: excellent suggestion

babyhawk: bit much to get married for the sake of bottle opening
-- etherman, Aug 13 2005

He's married, and he still has to open the bottles himself? I dunno about that kind of relationship? Doesn't he hold up his part of the bargain, by opening doors and taking out the trash?
-- ye_river_xiv, Apr 05 2008

Why do you need a bottle opener? If you really need to open it for yourself, you just un-twist and remove the little wire cage, then hold the cork firmly whilst twisting the bottle gently until.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 05 2008

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