Business: Store
Boulingerie   (+3)  [vote for, against]

A shop selling edible, pastry-based women's underwear.
-- hippo, Nov 15 2012

Chocolate Choux
continuing my theme of limmybombing the halfbakery [calum, Nov 15 2012]

gummy undies
[xandram, Nov 15 2012]

Puff or shortcrust? This is important.
-- calum, Nov 15 2012

Imagining Sid James as dolly-bird totters past; "Phwoar, check out the chouxs on that! Yak yak yak yak!"
Kenneth Williams with cream on his nose; "Ooowh! Naughty, but ever so nice!" etc...
-- zen_tom, Nov 15 2012

I thought this was going to be a bakery staffed by scantily-clad ladies.
-- bs0u0155, Nov 15 2012

What could possibly go wrong? [+]
-- 8th of 7, Nov 15 2012

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