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Bouncy Bachelor Party Bosoms   (+9, -4)  [vote for, against]
A naughty inflatable jump castle you can rent for bachelor parties

Basically, a giant nude inflatable woman where you enter between her spread legs, crawl through her torso to two separate giant domes to jump around. Now, who wants to illustrate this one?
-- goober, Sep 04 2009

Flip reversed
[calum, Sep 04 2009]

Bouncy obstacle course http://www.indigoin...obstacle-course.htm
C'mon guys, you have the technology but no imagination. [wagster, Sep 04 2009]

Inflatable... err.... http://www.inflatab...s/product_info.html
Nope. That's not right. [wagster, Sep 04 2009]

Inflatable turd http://images.googl...1%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1
No, that's not right either. [wagster, Sep 04 2009]

These folks could do it
I used to work across the street from one of their locations. I saw many a strange sight laid out in the parking lot being assembled. [normzone, Sep 04 2009]

Half way there.
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 07 2009]

gross? Why can't we just frolic and shotgun beers on top of her instead of getting lost in the entrails. Confused. [neuter]
-- daseva, Sep 04 2009

Inflatable woman bouncy castle. Now *there's* a totally stupid yet marketable idea. Sexist and pointless, but would I resist if one were in front of me? I doubt it.
-- wagster, Sep 04 2009

I'd actually be surprised if this doesn't already exist.
-- blissmiss, Sep 04 2009

Most things do. That's what this place has taught me.
-- wagster, Sep 04 2009

This would look really, really weird on the outside when there are people bouncing around inside.

The ant farm artist collective has some experience with inflatable things in general, but it's got to be harder to make stable bouncing castle shapes than we all probably think. If you look at the existing rentals, that's pretty limited - it's basically a ribbed bottom (stop snickering) with a bit of squarish decoration around the walls. Something like a slanted sliding area is already pushing it, it seems.

All I could find in terms of adult bouncing castles was one with the playboy logo and name stenciled onto the standard ribs - pretty pathetic, compared to what one could imagine.
-- jutta, Sep 04 2009

//It's harder to make bouncing castle shapes than you probably think//

I dunno 'bout that - I've played LaserQuest in an inflatable maze and been down an inflatable four-lane slide. I'm sure legs, arms and boobs are well within the reach of an established purveyor of gonflable entertainment. I agree though, it's pretty pathetic that no one has pushed the boundaries in this direction.
-- wagster, Sep 04 2009

I imagine that there would have to be an inflatable enclosure around the breasts so people shooting off the side of the hemispheres are intercepted.
-- DrWorm, Sep 04 2009

I think...

I think this could be adapted for rebirthing.
-- nineteenthly, Sep 05 2009

-- blissmiss, Sep 05 2009

We initially read the title as "Bouncy Bachelor Party Bosons". We thought it would be about particle physics ....
-- 8th of 7, Sep 07 2009

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