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Putting pee pressure to good use

Despite the use of a blood test for Prostate Specific Antigen now virtually replacing more clinical methods, compliance amongst men over 50 with recommendations for regular prostate check-ups is still poor.

The idea is intended to serve as a prompt for those who may be due a visit to their doctor.

A visible pressure sensitive pad is aesthetically incorporated into the toilet bowl, above the water line, which activates on lifting the seat.
A beckoning, gloved index finger is illuminated holographically within the bowl if a preset maximum stream pressure is not achieved.

Sold with appropriate warnings regarding the sensitivity/specificity of the device.
-- shudderprose, May 12 2009

I like the intent, but not so much the implementation - I would guess that the main reason the compliance rate for prostate check-ups is so low, is the expectation of the Doctor sticking his lubricated finger up your bum.

If, as you allude, there is now a less intimate test available, continuing the spectre of the engloved (lubricated) hand isn't all that useful - not to mention the negative psychological effects of giving older gentlemen uncomfortable notions of being probed whilst about their ablutions.
-- zen_tom, May 12 2009

Rather than a pressure pad (think of the splash-back), this could perhaps be combined with a previous HB idea, the urinal turbine. A vertical array of LEDs on the wall could indicate success. The faster you make the turbine spin, the higher the LED array indicates.
-- skegger, May 12 2009

Is this your seminal work?

Urethra confused, or simple, not to take note of the fact that there is a vas deferens between rate of flow and pressure (or head), although the two are connected. You may well find that two flows from different diameters and different heights, will hit your plate with a *force akin* to one another.

Turbines will be a better (more accurate) proposition.

However, in the words of another: "build it and they will come". That is where the real test-is.
-- 4whom, May 19 2009

I prostate myself before your superior wit, but not your eyesight.
A wee re-read of the idea will reveal the words //preset maximum pressure//. In an attempt to streamline the text I used this in place of //a calibrated pressure based on ones height, length and diameter of urethra and maximal intra-abdominal pressure//. Clear to most, I would have thought. Straw coloured or turbid to others, it would seem.

//Turbines will be a better (more accurate) proposition.//

Perhaps, but this is not that idea. Besides, combine standing, straining and spinning turbines or LED's, and urine for a fall and fractured hip.

A piss-poor effort to shaft the idea, [4whom], but nothing more than a glansing blow.

<exits muttering something about a second holographic finger>
-- shudderprose, May 20 2009

Re: null eyesight. I suppose they were right about the "more than three shakes" thing.

I have no interest in entering a pubic spat over a piddly detail. Some things should be left to pass. I see a massive argument lumen, so please allow me to re tract my objections. Perhaps you will meatus halfway? It would be nice to avoid an unecessary renin.
-- 4whom, May 21 2009

Water under the bridge. Piss, brother.
-- shudderprose, May 21 2009

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