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Braille beard   (+7)  [vote for, against]
automated shaving device for tactile messages for your blind friends

you insert your chin into the gizmo which is kinda like one of those face steamer things. the difference being that in this one there are dozens of small shaving heads.

having already inputted the message you wish to send. the cutting heads go to work, leaving the braille message as unshaven areas of the face. as you run your hand over the beard the hairs stand up making the marks more prominent. allowing your visually impaired friend to recieve the message up close and personal.

idea inspired by a <GenYus> quote on Inconspicous Braille thread.
-- etherman, Jul 01 2004

if you felt my chin you'd know the answer.
-- etherman, Jul 01 2004

Probably just a bit woozy after having had steel plates inserted in his cheeks to give a firm enough surface to read his braille beard easily.
-- st3f, Jul 01 2004

I'll have you know I have a firm and manly chin! grrrr.
-- etherman, Jul 01 2004

I can read you like a book
-- hippo, Jul 01 2004

You're an odd litte man. :)
-- GenYus, Jul 01 2004

[-] Why? Just....just why?
-- Pocketassreturn, Jul 01 2004

//Now I just need to find a deaf/blind girl//

I would suggest she would need to be deaf and blind <contracts>.
-- etherman, Jul 02 2004

+ for the chuckle!
-- spiritualized, Jul 02 2004

'if you can read this braille you're too close'

is the kindda thing you might write if you weren't very funny. ahem.
-- etherman, Jul 05 2004

Still my favourite halfbake ever.
-- spiritualized, Oct 08 2004

awww cheers spiritualized.
-- etherman, Nov 01 2004

My only problem with this is that as someone whose sideburns *still* won't meet in the middle, I'm unlikely to ever get to try it. [+]
-- DocBrown, Nov 01 2004

I may bring out a scalp variant.
-- etherman, Nov 01 2004

I've baked the scalp variant. Well, sort of. Tried things like tire tracks and abstract geometric designs. What the hell - pass me the smallest shaver you've got.
-- DocBrown, Nov 01 2004

what about a pubic variant... any takers?
-- etherman, Nov 30 2004

etherman - "if you can read this your too close" ?
-- ayt, Nov 30 2004

[ayt] Definitely.
-- DesertFox, Feb 21 2006

<pedant>"if you can read this you're too close"</pedant>
-- neilp, Feb 21 2006

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