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The fastest thing in the sky

Modify the designs of existing passenger jets to exceed the speed of sound. Re-enforce wings to stand up to tougher turbulence.

Market flights to thrill seekers who have to sign a waiver before traveling. Passengers may experience up to +/- 3Gs. Plane doesn't steer clear of any turbulence and seeks it out if passengers are put to a vote. Plane uses the maximum thrust possible when taking off.
-- sartep, Jun 19 2003

A couple of problems:

1) Because of safety concerns (even the dangerous are gonna get sued) there will be no food aboard these flights. Or bathroom visits. Safety belts are solenoid-latched until arrival.

2) Because of super-sonic travel, Breakneck Airlines will only be able to operate over water to prevent disturbing the general public with sonic booms.
-- Cedar Park, Jun 19 2003

Couldn't I just get a ticket to board the Concord?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 19 2003

I don't expect BA to be able to fly too many places, just a few. Perhaps up and down coasts, to keep the planes over the water and the flights short.

After August of this year you won't be able to board the Concord.
-- sartep, Jun 19 2003

[sartep] I thought BA is British Airways or are you giving a hint to 2 fries where to get a Concord ticket?

2 fries better hurry they may soon be gone.
-- kbecker, Jun 19 2003

They're retiring the Concorde? Waaah! I haven't got to ride it yet (too expensive).
-- snarfyguy, Jun 19 2003

Kbecker, ha! I wish I had, no sadly my creativity only stopped with BA for Breakneck Airlines. (Some could even argue that my creativity stopped earlier.)
-- sartep, Jun 20 2003

I Wouldn't want to ride in the Concord anyway. Half the time it took off or landed it blew a tire. That's because they did't put enough tires on it. It worked on paper but they kind of just slapped the thing together despite the laws of physics.
-- demtangs, Jun 20 2003

//Half the time it took off or landed it blew a tire.// Proof? An average of one tire per flight (as Concorde (note spelling) takes off once per flight and tends to land once per flight as well).
-- PeterSilly, Jun 20 2003

For added thrills, put a hook on the underside and make carrier-style "arrestor-wire" landings on very short runways. No pansy "joining the circuit" on arrival; come barrelling in from 35,000 ft, come up to Vne, pull out at treetop height (just), no flap approach and slam it on the runway.

Oh, and takeoffs are all done with rocket assist units.
-- 8th of 7, Jun 20 2003

For intermediate stops, don't land, just deploy those passengers who wish to disembark out of the back on a pallet with their luggage. Parachute arrest optional.
-- oneoffdave, Jun 20 2003

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