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Similar marketing, similar untruths.

A lot of raincoat manufacturers out there tout ‘breathable’ materials that are allegedly waterproof as well. They seem mutually exclusive to me, both through logic and through experimentation.

I propose the breathable condom – constructed from any one of the dubious wonder-fabrics in question. Those dastardly raincoat manufacturers can put their money where their mouths are.
-- Texticle, Oct 14 2005

GORE-TEX® Technology http://www.gore-tex...=-1&productId=10255
[jutta, Oct 14 2005]

Soixante Neuf Snorkel Soixante_20Neuf_20Snorkel
For her, if you can't find a scuba condom. [Cedar Park, Oct 15 2005]

Why not just a mesh condom?

The ultimate in comfort!
-- Cedar Park, Oct 14 2005

If I use these, does it mean I can give up my search for the woman who can breathe through her ears?
-- Ling, Oct 14 2005

Well if there is, I haven't found her yet.
-- Ling, Oct 14 2005

haha scuba condom
-- IcarusByNight, Oct 14 2005

Texticle,you win the 2005 father of the birth-control breakthrough award.

I just made that up.
-- dentworth, Oct 14 2005

The "breathable" promise refers to water vapor being able to pass through the very small pores in the membrane, not to a liquid. (It's not the fact that something is sweat that makes it pass through, it's that it's evaporating.) If you are suffering from too much water vapour in your condom, you should seriously consider upgrading your equipment from the steam-powered model to a more environmentally sound electrical or hybrid.
-- jutta, Oct 14 2005

-- po, Oct 14 2005

No point in working up a sweat over all this.
-- normzone, Oct 14 2005

Not yet honey. Just let it breathe.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 15 2005

You know, I think it might actually work. Not sure if you really need it, but I think it might work.
-- 5th Earth, Oct 15 2005

It may go some way to prevent suffocation due to misplaced condoms clinging to the face.
-- Texticle, Oct 16 2005

Oh, now this is an idea. Now EVERYTHING can be sticky!
-- HypnoLobster, Oct 17 2005

Isn't Gore-Tex(tm) excessively friction-prone? Cloth on the outside or in? I guess it depends on what your inclinations are...
-- Dog, Oct 17 2005

//money where their...// whaa?

They eat condoms?
-- daseva, Oct 17 2005

What were you doing when this popped into your head [Texticle]?
-- wagster, Oct 17 2005

do we need to know?

there should be some way of alerting an ambulance...
-- po, Oct 17 2005

Funnily enough I was thrashing about, gasping for air as a mislaid condom clung to my face.

I'm living one day at a time now.
-- Texticle, Oct 18 2005

So that's what I've been doing wrong.
-- Texticle, Oct 18 2005

me thought lambskin prophylactics worked like this. sorry about the spelling. after all they are a natural"membrane" not good for vegan's though. not college friendly
-- TonyJaguar, May 23 2006

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