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Culture: Game: Jenga
Breezeblock Jenga   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
Like the original, only bigger, heavier and greyer

OK, so standard Jenga's fine for those of us with small nimble fingers. But what about big clumsy oafs who prefer demonstrating how much of a man they are? Only someone as masculine as them could possibly remove that block from the bottom and stack it on the top. And even in moments of failure, when the whole stack collapses on them, they can still prove themselves by TAKING THE PAIN.
-- -alx, May 25 2001

For [UnaBubba]
I wondered as well. [angel, May 25 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Breeze Block Defined
I had to look it up too. [dgeiser13, May 25 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Baked by these guys...
...but only at house-brick size. [angel, May 25 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Or maybe even Bacterium Jenga for microbiologists.
-- -alx, May 25 2001

Baked. Almost. Most Firkin pubs around England have giant sized Jenga, admittedly just made from breezeblock sized pieces of wood rather than actual breezeblocks. An ex of mine really wanted to play it once but seeing as she was only about 5 feet tall, she soon discovered that she couldn't actually reach the top layer and I had to lift her up. Unfortunately someone pushed past me as I lifted her up at one point sending both of us crashing into the stack of blocks and on to the floor. She still bears the scars but my fall was nicely cushioned!
-- CoolerKing, May 25 2001

I know what Jenga is, but what's a "breezeblock"?

... "A lightweight concrete block used in construction." Is that what we would call a "concrete block"? Ouch.
-- egnor, May 25 2001

Looking back on the idea, I'm slightly worried that the breezeblocks might have too much friction between them to be able to play Jenga with them. Maybe they could be coated with marble, or generous amounts of KY Jelly or the like. Or maybe the friction should be all part of the challenge...I just dunno.
-- -alx, May 25 2001

Or how about Convicted Killer Jenga?
-- globaltourniquet, May 25 2001

[globaltourniquet] You mean using convicted killers instead of breeze blocks, or do you mean forcing them to play?

"Terminal Jenja." I still say it would be more fun to release them in Kansas and hunt them down.
-- deacon, May 25 2001

I think Kansas alone constitutes cruel and unusual punishment...
-- globaltourniquet, May 26 2001

If we're going for proving machismo here, having the player down the contents of the beer can before they can stack it on the top would work quite nicely.

ps I see you've gone for maximum exposure for that idea by posting it under the Bucky beer cans as well...
-- -alx, May 26 2001

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