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soft note pads that stick onto your undies

I, for one, stick notes to myself everywhere like on the computer, kitchen table, dashboard of my car and onto my wallet, in the hopes of remembering something at the correct time. Brief Notes are made of a soft paper. Pliable and peel able they are made in an oblong fashion to fit into your panties or briefs, with a light adhesive on the back to hold. They come with a vegetable-based ink pen. Now, when you are sitting with your pants down by your knees the Note pad is easily accessible. (It’s said that some people do their best thinking while on the toilet) It should be placed along the lines of your pant zipper. (on the inside but it’s not mandatory) I know that I would remember more things by seeing this note more often or jotting down other things I need to remember. It might also be a good aid for taking tests or remembering peoples’ names that you’ve just met. I think they should come in soft pastels, solids, light pinstripes, and some flowery designs. Some folks (like benfrost) may use these just to collect autographs.
-- xandram, Mar 07 2006

One thing's worrying me - just where do you stick the pen when it's not in use?
-- DrCurry, Mar 07 2006

well, that would be up to oneself.
-- xandram, Mar 07 2006

the tag goes to the back
the tag goes to the back
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 09 2006

I just tried this and the cabbage ink ran off the pad onto my leg.Quite pleasant really [+]
-- skinflaps, Mar 10 2006

Hey, I forgot I invented this, till I found a note in the washing machine.
-- xandram, Mar 23 2006

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