Product: Broom
Broom Shoe Attachment   (+8)  [vote for, against]
Strap the attachment to normal shoes and sweep comfortably.

The handle of a normal broom allows sweeping with the hands while standing. Dancers, football (soccer) players, and others accustomed to sweeping movements of the foot might be more comfortable with a broom head that attaches to the side of the shoe used for kicking footballs (soccer balls) using belt-like straps.

In sweeping position, the bristles extend down several centimeters below the bottom of the shoe to avoid scuffing. When the user steps to the floor with the bristled shoe, the bristles retract into their spring-loaded carriage, ready to emerge when the foot lifts again. With this retraction capability, a sweeper could attach bristles to both feet yet retain movement capability.

Dancing partners might be able to sweep dirt into neat piles with specialized routines. Perhaps the piles would spell a word or trace a heart shape. Tap dancers with these attachments might appreciate the fresh timbre's possibilities.
-- Ketchupybread, Jan 29 2009

Of course, you'd use these to put them on with. Shoe_20Horny
[normzone, Jan 29 2009]

mop shoes are baked!!
[xandram, Jan 30 2009]

Already half-baked elsewhere, I'm afraid. [nick_n_uit, Jan 30 2009]

welcome to my category +1
-- po, Jan 29 2009

Yeah! And mops...don't forget about mops. I'd really like a pair of terry cloth boots, for when I come in from the snow and dribble ice water all over the kitchen from my waffle-iron soled shoes.

Currently, my solution is to drop a towel on the floor, step on with both feet, and scoot around like a hobbled prisoner. It's ridiculous.
-- colorclocks, Jan 30 2009

+ yes--shbroom....
-- xandram, Jan 30 2009

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