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Bubble Wrap for Babies   (+7, -2)  [vote for, against]

Since bubble wrap protects almost anything from shipping damage, why not wrap babies in bubble wrap for shipping? If you’re transporting a baby in a car, no need for complicated baby seats and airbag interlocks. Just wrap him up in Go-Baby brand bubble wrap and throw him in the back with the groceries. Go-Baby, unlike most bubble wrap, is ventilated with breathing holes between the bubbles, because, as we like to say at Go-Baby, the baby that’s a-blueing has a mother that’s a-suing.
-- ldischler, Jun 17 2011

Nice try, but you choked it.
-- daseva, Jun 17 2011

// ventilated with breathing holes //

Why ? Fishbone time.
-- 8th of 7, Jun 17 2011

Help, my baby's all bundled in a bubble. HHHHHeellp!

No go, shmo.
-- blissmiss, Jun 17 2011

"Blue is the colour ...."
-- 8th of 7, Jun 17 2011

must be easier to manipulate than those stupid car seats. +1

gets my vote for half-baked idea of the week.
-- po, Jun 18 2011

I think this is good. Needs to be combined with velcro to make it stay in place. Velcro Bubble Wrap.
-- xenzag, Jun 18 2011

For added protection some kind of recursive bubble wrap, each one filled with tinier bubbles, until you get to the Higgs Boson or whatever...

Or maybe just one baby, one big bubble, filled with saline and an oxygen mask. Velcro on the edges and they call all join up and go to the paediatrics department at the same time, stuck on the back of a truck?
-- not_morrison_rm, Jun 18 2011

I thought you were going to suggest we make bubblewrap out of babies...
-- CyberCod, Jun 18 2011

To make things out of babies, or not to make things out of babies...
-- daseva, Jun 18 2011

//all join up and go to the paediatrics department at the same time// - like frogspawn! Now that's an idea.
-- pertinax, Jun 19 2011

I'm voting with [po] today.
-- Voice, Jun 19 2011

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