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Tool for assistance in the popping of bubblewrap

Unwrapping a certain package recently, I encountered a situation where conventional bubblewrap had been used in conjunction with heatshrink film. The result was a durable layer over the majority of the sheet, that transformed it into Unpoppable Bubblewrap.

Now, I like to think of myself as a reasonable, sane human being, and I think that any sane, reasonable and human being would have reacted in the same way to Unpoppable Bubblewrap.

If only I had had in my possession a Bubblewrap Popping Assistance Tool, the resulting fallout might have been avoided. Not too dissimilar to a perverted pair of pliers, the tool has a selection of different popping heads available: from a conventional flat disk, the perfect diameter for a perfect pop (different diameters are provided, for different grades of bubblewrap) through to the aggressive spike, guaranteed to pierce the plastic regardless of its defensive layers.

Buy your Bubblewrap Popping Assistance Tool today, and maintain your status amongst peers as a reasonably sane human being!
-- mitxela, Oct 14 2018

like huge bubble wrap
[not_morrison_rm, Nov 01 2018]

nothing to do with [unabubba] then?
-- po, Oct 14 2018

If it is safe for work I would like to see a link to these perverted pliers you mention...
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 14 2018

At Protospace,* some members once used the slip roll (big hand-cranked machine for curving sheet metal) to pop a bunch of bubble wrap. I thought there was a video on Instagram but I can't find it.

*see my profile if confused
-- notexactly, Nov 01 2018

// there was a video on Instagram but I can't find it //

What, someone's deleted all of Instagram ?
-- 8th of 7, Nov 01 2018

Hmm, try using them air pillows packing thingies, surprised no one's used them at
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 01 2018

// surprised no one's used them at toys //

Hold on… you're not [beany]!
-- notexactly, Nov 02 2018

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