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Bullshit Time   (+10)  [vote for, against]
Dodge that crap

You know that scene from The Matrix, when Keanu Reeves dodges the enemy fire in slo-mo? The effect is known as Bullet Time.

I propose bullshit time. The ability to disseminate the real from the absurd when in a conversation with your line manager.

Slow time down and side step wonderous phrases like: "I know you know what I know, I just want to be sure that they know before we know..."

I stand up and, suit flapping in the wind, jump around, over, under and through the oderous material as it whizzes past my large ears.

"Dodge this", my co-worker is heard to say, as a large custard flan is aimed and delivered with startling precision.
-- Skybird, Oct 11 2001

:-) I think most of us operate in bullshit time. The seemingly non-ending attempts by managers to engage your enthusiasm when you just want to do your job, collect your money and fuck off home, do become wearisome. It's knowing when to hold fire and when to give 'em both barrels that's so difficult.
-- DrBob, Oct 11 2001

I've got a 400 foot penis with a knot in it.
-- thumbwax, Oct 12 2001

How do you pee?
-- TheMachine, Jul 07 2002

I have an in-built bullshit meter - comes in handy with my cow-shirker.
-- po, Jan 16 2003

lol @ airship... that's a half-baked, croissant-worthy idea there on its own :-D
-- Crazy Bastard, Jan 23 2003

Or knot.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 23 2003

< off subject > I once thought about a routhly cylinderish spaceship with spherical fule tanks at the end... < off subject >
-- my-nep, Nov 15 2003

Its wonderful that someone has seen Austin Powers before.....
-- KLRico, Nov 16 2003

+ hah! here's a slo-mo croissant sailing across my office...
-- xandram, Mar 14 2008

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