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A SUV driver's best friend.

There are multiple ways.

1: Like a big highway billboard. Each inquisitive saying is painted on some triangular prisms. When the prisms rotate, a message appears.

2: Hockey arena style. You stick the stickers on a big piece of paper. Attach the paper to two rollers. Cover it with glass. When the little motor rotates the paper vertically, it scrolls down to the next sticker. The best part of this is you can peel off old stickers and get new ones.
-- croissantz, Apr 28 2006

Sorry, I read this as a billboard that you bump into. You meant a billboard for the SUV's bumper; like a bumper sticker, but bigger. My head hurts.

Seriously, if you do your scrolling vertically, you could hide the rollers behind the bumper. If you controlled the motors right, you could scroll up and down between messages. (Use a plastic track to smooth off the edges of the bumper and make your banner out of something durable.)
-- baconbrain, Apr 29 2006

It could be used to spell out messages to other cars!
-- Texticle, Apr 29 2006

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