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Hop to the shops.

A pair of small pogo sticks with attached footplates, which are contained within a pair of knee high white fluffy boots.

Slip into these bunny boots and as you step down or jump you will gently bounce up,not too high just a little bit, and bunny hop along.

You may also don a fluffy helmet with big floppy ears.

Good for going shopping to the grocers to stock up on carrots.
-- skinflaps, Feb 20 2003

(?) Pogo Stilts http://www.diedrich...rge/Pogo-Stilts.jpg
[Shz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Pogo Stilts II
[Shz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Super Bunny Boots http://www.popsci.c...2221,768216,00.html
8'-4" record if I remember correctly [Zimmy, Nov 19 2004]

Moon Shoes
Boing!!!! [wagster, Nov 20 2004]

Apologies in advance for taking this so seriously...

I saw a documentary about an amputee sprinter that actually shaved a few tenths off his 100m time _after_ he lost his leg at the knee. Partly it's due to determination, partly due to the lighter weight, but it's also because the springy prosthesis was actually better at storing and regenerating the impact energy than the natural achilles tendon and lower leg structure.

I have been considering a passive exoskeletal lower leg apparatus that provides this same benefit to able-bodied runners. It straps on at the calf and has a composite spring that extends down behind the leg, under the foot, to the ball of the foot. The relaxed position of the foot with this on is weight-forward in a running position. If all goes according to my calculations, it should be like running on a (controllable) spring-board.

The floppy ears are entirely of [skinflaps]' invention. But, perhaps an inevitable after-market enhancement.
-- FloridaManatee, Feb 20 2003

I thought the floppy ears were an invention made by rabbits.
-- skinflaps, Feb 20 2003

I was thinking wilted corn in the field.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 20 2003

(~1.5 years later: This anno was from my idea called HB Tag, which was deleted because, well, it really messes this place up if you run around playing tag in ideas. I shall leave this anno to remember it though.)
-- Worldgineer, Feb 21 2003

Are you still playing tag with your elf?
-- thumbwax, Feb 21 2003

baked. I saw this in Popular Science...minus the bunny ears.
-- Eugene, Mar 01 2003

So I guess my Pogo Boots Idea is already taken.

I was NOT thinking of gently bouncing, but instead whether or not such a contraption could outpace my 15 mile commute (30-75 min.'s). See Super Bunny Boots Link
-- Zimmy, Nov 19 2004

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