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Free WiFi on public buses

Riffing off [21 Quest]'s attempt to get people to ride the bus more often, I propose putting a wireless uplink on public buses.

Speeds wouldn't be blazing but they probably wouldn't have to be, and could be throttled to be equitable per user.
-- phoenix, Dec 16 2009

Boarding Bucks Boarding_20Bucks
The inspiration for this idea. [phoenix, Dec 16 2009]

Stagecoach in Scotland
Another previous application of this idea [pocmloc, Dec 16 2009]

xkcd: Duty Calls
Someone is Wrong on the Internet! [sninctown, Dec 17 2009]

Mobile IP (v4)
This protocol extension to IP allows a computer to move 'point-of-attachment' and maintain connection/session. [Jinbish, Dec 18 2009]

Networks in Motion (NEMO)
NEMO (for IPv6) basically deals with groups of computers//devices (say, on a bus) that may have their route changed... [Jinbish, Dec 18 2009]

Dear [21 Quest],
Stop being such a flaming fucking twat.
-- phoenix, Dec 16 2009

We think he's maybe channeling the spirit of [Unabubba], so he can't help himself.
-- 8th of 7, Dec 16 2009

[phoenix] the flames really sell it.
-- tatterdemalion, Dec 16 2009

//So I'm a twat for for pointing out that this has already been done?//

Nope. Guess again.
-- shudderprose, Dec 16 2009

[phoe] probably read the help pages when you were in short trousers, [21]
-- po, Dec 16 2009

Oh shudderp rose!

Well since this is going to be deleted anyway...

[21 Quest], honest questions: do you really feel that your method of participation at the halfbakery is on balance a positive experience? From all appearances it seems you do little more than piss people off. What are you achieving by doing that? What about that is beneficial to the halfbakery? What value is there in that?

Presumably you're acting with some intention toward your ideal view of the site, and what should be here, but do you really feel it's worth it to achieve that by being the first to piss all over others' contributions? Aren't you concerned that your stoic, abrasive, self-important, humorless attitude just irritates others to the point of not wanting to bother? If so, how does that benefit the site in the long run? Why are you so focused on rules and adherence to your perception of the site's intent that it supercedes all other aspects of interaction here?
-- tatterdemalion, Dec 16 2009

[UB] and now [21Q].

Now who'll provide the belligerence?
-- wagster, Dec 16 2009

[21 Quest] why are your only choices "leave" or "be a flaming fucking twat"? Isn't there some in-between? Right away I see a problem with "giving as good as you get" as your motivation. You should consider that you get as good as you give as another, perhaps more likely possibility. I think your intentions are generally good, but you need to work on playing well with others.

I totally agree with [bigsleep]'s suggestion below - just lay off the MFDs for a while. Let someone else mark them. Unless you have some sort of OCD that will make you crazy if you don't mark them, in which case that's reason enough to leave the place. You could probably also do yourself a favor by not explaining your fishbones. That seems to be a source of much needless dissent and bad feeling.
-- tatterdemalion, Dec 16 2009

//Have a happy life assholes.// Sp. "lives" (or "asshole").

Blimey. Someone* ought to plot the frequency of flamewars in the northern and southern hemispheres as a function of season. It's all jolly interesting, this photopsychology business.

*yeah, him.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 16 2009

[marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist: a neat enough idea that somebody else implemented it already.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 16 2009

He'll be back he left all his stuff here.
-- rcarty, Dec 16 2009

What very thoughtful second and posts by [tatterdemalion].
-- gnomethang, Dec 16 2009

The express buses from here to Edinburgh or Glasgow (about 2 hr ride) have a reasonably fast and pretty reliable free wireless internet network on them, introduced a couple of years ago. No power sockets though, so if I have my ageing laptop with me I only get 20 mins of action.

You can also piggyback on the network if you are at the bus station when one comes in...
-- pocmloc, Dec 16 2009

"I'm done with this place."
Not what I was after, but if that's your only recourse...

"...widely known to exist..."
-- phoenix, Dec 17 2009

Greyhound's the biggest busline in North America and the link was news from almost two years ago.

Did I get the news delievered to my Inbox ? no. Do I regularly visit bus-company's websites ? also no.

hmm... you mean city-transit don't you: local buses, trolleys, underground, etc.

'sa good idea, but predictable.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 17 2009

//maybe this isn't the place for me// [21Q] yeah, stop hating so much.

For me, the experience is about enjoying crazy imaginings that can't be shared elsewhere, so I don't mind fishbones or even some well-intentioned MFD-material. Your annotations, however, seem overwhelmingly and needlessly critical.

I disgree with the MFD because [21Q's] link is for inter-city buses, while this idea is for intra-city buses. Using free wireless to entice drivers off the roads is novel as far as I know.
-- sninctown, Dec 17 2009

Welcome to the bakery, sninctown. Tis the season to be warm and jolly. At the very least we can be nice for a few weeks.

As for the idea, it was a great idea, proved to be baked. No biggy. Just do it in a friendly, or if at all possible, humorous way. (mfd, I mean.)
-- blissmiss, Dec 17 2009

[21 Quest] did have a decent stab at original ideas however taking part in extended arguments tends to negatively colour your comments, even if this is not what you were intending.

I took a break from the Halfbakery once because I found that I was arguing too much. Sometimes you simply have to find time to recharge your batteries.
-- Aristotle, Dec 17 2009

No you don't.
-- wagster, Dec 17 2009

<pictures [wagster] as one of those duracell pink rabbits>
-- po, Dec 17 2009

//Now who'll provide the belligerence?// <raises hand> I can be extremely annoying at times, but my stamina's not very good. Can we work part time?
-- lurch, Dec 17 2009

I'll help [lurch] out with the belligerence.
And irritating, yes, I do a good irritating.
With a side order of pedantry.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 17 2009

I'll do the bandaging afterwards (badly)
-- po, Dec 17 2009

meh, posting negative comments deserved or not, around here, gets you fishbones. On the other hand letting sleeping [mfd]'s lie turns the place into a shit-blog of random brainfarts.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 18 2009

//a shit-blog of random brainfarts//
-- coprocephalous, Dec 18 2009

I can be a little belligerent, but for that I have to either post ideas that are sure to piss everyone off, or post comments that are sure to piss everyone off.

And then everyone would be pissing me off. Everyone pissing me off doesn't give me the enjoyment I come to the halfbakery for.
-- ye_river_xiv, Dec 18 2009

Widely known to already exist ie Greyhound and Bolt Bus for a start. Sorry [pheonix] - it's a great idea, and that's one of the reasons why it's been around for a while now.
-- xenzag, Dec 18 2009

People haven't asked the question of how the router on the bus is connected to the Internet... Or what happens when the bus connects to a different router (where the packets go during handover) and what about the passengers' connection when the bus moves from cell to cell?

It is a great idea [Phoenix], and there are loads of interesting wee challenges to make it work seamlessly. So it is baked in terms of applied versions (see varied comments by other bakers) and has a fair amount of research in the topic too. It's not exactly widely known to exist though...
-- Jinbish, Dec 18 2009

Cool, MMOG on the move.

"Hey I just fragged that person in seat 22!"
-- skinflaps, Dec 18 2009

I for one like [21Q]'s contributions, as they add contrast to the community here. Each of us has good and bad traits, and overall the variety in the 'bakery makes it interesting. Besides, I'm about to start a fishbone toothpick company, and Q is currently my main materials supplier.
-- swimswim, Dec 18 2009

//Each of us has good and bad traits//
Speak for your elf. Mine are all bad.
-- coprocephalous, Dec 18 2009

//Now who'll provide the belligerence? — wagster, Dec 16 2009 //

I am Sparticus, and so is my wife....
-- 4whom, Dec 18 2009

sp: SpartaBubbacus?
-- Jinbish, Dec 18 2009


-- skinflaps, Dec 18 2009

Anybody else feel like a giggle when I mention my friend....Biggus you find it wrascible...he has a wife, you know!
-- 4whom, Dec 18 2009

sp: wisible
-- BunsenHoneydew, Dec 21 2009

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