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Bus wrap "easter egg"

Advertising on city busses has now taken over the entire external surface area of the vehicle, in what is known as a "bus wrap." This includes the windows, which you can still see through from the inside due to a regular pattern of holes. I propose arranging the holes in a pattern that will form a three dimmensional image, ala the dot pattern stereogram posters, when you sit in the isle seat and look out the window and focus on some object at a predictable distance away along the bus route.
-- JakePatterson, Feb 24 2002

Ooo, I like this one. Very doable too.
-- wiml, Feb 24 2002

thanks for the spelling fix.
-- JakePatterson, Feb 24 2002

You can produce one the way the holes are now. It's not easy but it looks like an infinite molecule model. Your idea is nifty!
-- cupgut, Dec 31 2003

I agree nothing worst than not being able to do a "leg check" of that short skirt secretary on her way to work.
-- Pikkukani, Jan 09 2004


I'm surprised this idea didn't generate many responses, I really like this. Plus, it's funny to think about a bus full of people staring out the window like zombies.
-- AfroAssault, Mar 19 2005

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