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Product: Business Card
Business Card Shot Glass   (+4)  [vote for, against]

Paper shot glass (kind of like a paper dixie cup) folds into a rectangle with your business info printed on it. The cup is strictly cylindrical and slightly narrower than dixie cups, so that it folds into a rectangle the size of standard business cards. Better suited for business in some industries (or countries) than others.
-- swimswim, Apr 05 2010

Dixie Cups
[mouseposture, Apr 05 2010]

Apple Flat Paper Cup
Presumably the cup might look something like this with your own business information printed on it. [jurist, Apr 06 2010]

origami cup
[xandram, Apr 06 2010]

[swimswim, Apr 29 2010]

Isn't the idea behind business cards that people *save* them?
-- mouseposture, Apr 05 2010

Ah, perfect then. You use your own outdated shotglass business cards to drown your sorrows. Efficient.
-- mouseposture, Apr 05 2010

I Wikipedia'd it everybody. Dixie was an attractive young lady with small breasts.
-- Mustardface, Apr 06 2010

\\Isn't the idea behind business cards that people *save* them?\\
More importantly, the idea is that people remember your name, whether they've saved your card or not. Google will handle the rest.
-- swimswim, Apr 06 2010

The idea's description of the container as a "shot glass" makes it seem like the cup is intended to be used in bars and nightclubs. But, as pictured in the <link>, this type of advertising would probably be better employed on the standard disposable cup frequently mounted next to public water coolers in offices, plants, schools and other institutions. Most cups will be discarded after use, but enough might be saved for the advertiser to partially underwrite the cost of production and offer them freely or at some discount.
-- jurist, Apr 06 2010

If you wanted to use the rim of the cup as the border for the business-card, it'd have to be tumbler sized.
-- FlyingToaster, Apr 06 2010

\\...tumbler sized\\
No, it will be larger in circumference than a roll of U.S. quarters. Jurist's link is a closer approximation, although I had envisioned a round bottom that also folded up into the cup so that it could stand on its own. Jurist's alternative marketing method is, also, a good suggestion.

[EDIT:] I also added my own crude illustration of the cup, both folded and unfolded.
-- swimswim, Apr 06 2010

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