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Use business cards for various competitions

Every new job or reorganization brings on yet another box of 1000 business cards that I couldn't use up in a lifetime. How about a collection of sports that allowed business card holders to compete. This would make a great pastime for business travelers at airports and bored office workers. Here are some examples. Business Card (BC) Disc Golf: “Tees” marked on the floor of airports with small trash baskets on poles. Sort of an airway fairway. BC Distance, Accuracy, Height, and Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) competitions: Restricted classes where BCs must be thrown like a disc and “open” class where they can be crumpled, shaped into gliders, etc. BC Freestyle: Clever tricks like boomerang throws and BC magic (fastest distribution of BCs across a table at a business meeting) BC Engineering contests: Tallest house, sturdiest bridge, etc.

I can even imagine BC vendors making BCs with rounded edges and special stock to facilitate certain sports. I would think that lots of incentives and events would be supported by the BC vendors who stand to gain considerably.
-- dweeb, Jul 08 2003

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I like this idea only if one can use five or six cards to fashion a Chinese throwing star to give the games a bit of an edge (and reduce the number of business men).
-- brackish, Jul 08 2003

Or you could just hand out imprinted discs. The rolodex might have to change.
-- RayfordSteele, Jul 08 2003

I like beaming business cards via Palm.
-- DrCurry, Jul 08 2003

(goes outside, holds Palm up in the air, pointing southeast) [DrCurry]: Now.
-- Cedar Park, Jul 09 2003

Not getting anything - try holding it lower.
-- DrCurry, Jul 09 2003

A friend of mine has a hobby of collecting business cards that feature unusual job titles. The prize of his collection is from a temporary appointee in the International Standards Organization, in the department that runs the atomic clocks everyone synchronizes with. His title:

"Interim Director of Time"
-- krelnik, Jul 09 2003

now your just making that up [krelnik]
-- oxen crossing, Jul 09 2003

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