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Food: Butter
Butter toast/Butt stamp   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Gets those corners, you cant be bothered to butter. Or gets in those hard to butter cheeks.

A stamp which you use to stamp butter onto your toast. Simply plunge into a tub of butter then stamp all over your toast. Because to be honest, I just cant be bothered to butter it with a knife anymore. Or you could use it to stamp his/her butt with butter. Multi-purpose.

Update 14th June 2012

I tried this last night. I used a sort of play dough type star stamp. It picked up the butter okay and deposited said butter on to the toast through stamping. Overall coverage was poor; I think a rocking motion with a curved stamp may be more effective. I also stamped my partners backside with it, the butter was left in a star print on her left buttock. The result was surprisingly well received.
-- S-note, Jun 13 2012

Indeed they have. http://www.pamcooki...ducts/spray-butter/
[Phrontistery, Jun 17 2012]

Not just for butter, though, this could I imagine be used for the application of, variously, jam, Marmite and spunk.
-- calum, Jun 13 2012

Presumaby those of a non-Caledonian persuasion might even go as far as cleaning the stamp between such uses …
-- 8th of 7, Jun 13 2012

I think you will end up crushing the toast into crumbs. And, if the "stamp" sticks to butter well enough to pull some out of a tub, why should it let go of all that butter, onto the toast?
-- Vernon, Jun 13 2012

What's called for, evidently, is magnetic toast and iron-rich butter.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 13 2012

Butt butter buttest?
-- ytk, Jun 13 2012

Thanks a lot ytk, now I'm laughing like an idiot in public and I can't tell anyone why.
-- DIYMatt, Jun 15 2012

// I can't tell anyone why //

This is incorrect. You "can" tell anyone why, but you "won't", because it would no doubt be embarrassing.

This ignores the possibility that although you are in a public place, you can't tell anyone as there is no-one else in the vicinity for you to converse with.

And thus we progress ...
-- 8th of 7, Jun 15 2012

Ok, I'm blaming s-note entirely for this, a mock-butt toaster, simply firmly press the slice of bread between the cheeks, wait a bit and it'll pop up nicely browned...

Right, that's it, it's getting it's own post...
-- not_morrison_rm, Jun 16 2012

Now I'm wondering how 'butt'er got its name.
-- Phrontistery, Jun 16 2012

Here in the land of bastardized technological food, the answer surely would be to add freeze-dried butter cream particles and vegetable oil to the dough before baking.
-- RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2012

Ummm … you'd probably have to leave out quite a few petroleum products and mineral derivatives to make room. And you wouldn't want to miss our on your RDA of Yttrium, Gadolinium and 2,4-DibromoDibenzylDioxin …
-- 8th of 7, Jun 17 2012

Surely the colonies have invented Spray Butter by now?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 17 2012

Not only have we invented it, but we've discovered thay if you spray it directly onto an open flame, the resulting conflagration leaves a lingering scent of salmon.
-- Alterother, Jun 18 2012

I can't believe it's not Stamp Butter!
-- UnaBubba, Jun 19 2012

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