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Sell or ship your pocketknife at the airport

Many of us have the experience of having to surrender the stray pocket knife or other blades at airport security. This business is a kiosk at the airport that will purchase most 'weapons' from passengers that forgot to check them with their luggage. Instead of simply handing over the blade to the TSA (who then resells them bulk), this kiosk will give a small amount of cash to the person in exchange for the item that is sure to be caught in the TSA scan, or sells you a service where the knife is forwarded to your destination by courier.
-- Cedar Park, Apr 03 2013

Uh, this exists already. I've seen several airports with a kiosk that allows you to mail your prohibited item back to yourself, for a modest fee of course.
-- ytk, Apr 03 2013

//I encountered this problem at the Dallas airport in 2004.

I had a very similar problem with a rifle in Dallas airport, in November 1963. Damn.
-- not_morrison_rm, Apr 03 2013

I left my Swiss Army Knife at the Empire State building and didn't feel like waiting in line to get it back!! I would prefer a service that would mail it back to your home. I would bun for the service to send it to your destination, but you'd have the same problem going back.
[ytk] I haven't been to an airport in about 9 years, so didn't know they had that option!
-- xandram, Apr 03 2013

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