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Public: Country: Changing Borders
Buying Borderland   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
Purchase land in disputed zones

Countries are currently defined by wars fought centuries ago (or by colonial overlords) but several countries still haven't finished squabbling over the sovereignty of their lands.

I suggest an agency (perhaps with with ties to the UN) that negotiates with countries to buy land to create new countries. This land could be taken from the edge of 1 country or from a combination of countries. The land needn't be disputed, it just seems that would be of the most benefit.

The land is then available to a corporation or group of investors who wish to purchase it. They form the government and set whatever laws they wish. The country would start with no citizens, with the government setting the rules for who can come.
-- marklar, Jan 26 2009

Isn't this how Alaska was invented?
-- zen_tom, Jan 26 2009

It was purchased, as was Louisiana (and other bits), (California and Hawaii?), but it is not an autonomous country run by a corporation ... yet.
-- marklar, Jan 26 2009

But if the original territory is disputed, then how do you decide whom to pay when purchasing it?
-- pertinax, Jan 26 2009

[pertinax] That's where the negotiating comes in. The agency would have to make a deal to pay each party an amount that they were happy with. If they don't want to sell it they can go on fighting over it, it's up to them.

[bigsleep] It wouldn't work with Israel/Palestine the area in dispute is too large. Kashmir is a more likely candidate, but even there the natives can't agree on who they want to be part of and certainly wouldn't want to be kicked out.

I'm starting to re-think the disputed part of it. Maybe it would be better to think of it as countries who would prefer to have cash than a particular chunk of land.
-- marklar, Jan 26 2009

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