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...18,234 babies will have been born in the world.

A website with an engine that tells you how much of X has happened while you read a certain sentence. You could type in a sentence and then the engine would calculate how long, on average, it would take someone to read it. The site would use a formula taking vocabulary and punctuation into account: commas would add more time. Then you could see the statistics, such as how many people had died while you read the sentence, how many people had been born while you read it, etc. You could specify countries: for example, "how many people have been born in China while I read this sentence?".
-- DrWorm, Nov 21 2009

World clocks
Not exactly as requested, but nonetheless interesting... [csea, Nov 21 2009]

Thank you Mr. Sagan. http://visav.phys.u...s/P303/BB-slide.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 22 2009]

Or good about themselves. "Hey guys, while I typed a brief paragraph on molecular chemistry for my essay, child mortality in Africa actually decreased by 20 deaths in that time due to broadly improving standards of living!"
-- Germanicus, Nov 21 2009

Probably baked, too good of an idea, I think. +
-- blissmiss, Nov 21 2009

How much of my productive capacity went right down my leg* in the time it took to read that sentence while at work?

* roughly what my productive capacity is worth to anyone anyway, so there's no great loss.
-- outloud, Nov 21 2009

Well it wasn't me... I was reading a title at the time...
No, wait...
-- Dub, Nov 22 2009

I agree with [21] - this exists, but I'm not looking for one now.
-- xandram, Nov 22 2009

I haven't been able to find one of these.
-- DrWorm, Nov 22 2009

It's going to self-adjust for the reading speed of each viewer? Or just unapologetically get it wrong and present false data?
-- lurch, Nov 22 2009

What DrWorm said.
UnaBubba that sounds like a time equivalence compression problem. You just need to expand the timeline horizon threshold to reflect the comprehension to eye movement ratio.

-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 22 2009

How many traffic accidents happen because of people looking at poodwaddle (link) on their iphones?
-- pashute, Apr 03 2013

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