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CD Inventory Website   (+9, -2)  [vote for, against]
Website that helps you complile a list of your CD/Records

A Website that lists an entire catalog of CD's. You can visit the site and select all of the albums you own and then download an inventory list of your own collection.

I often want to catalog my music collection, but there is no way I am going to type in all of those titles.

Someone like could easily add this feature to their site.

-- added --

The links below require that you insert every CD and have the application look it up. Besides being cumbersome, it does not allow for the addition of records or tapes or (heaven forbid) 8-tracks.

The intention of this idea was to provide a way for someone to just manually select the albums you want in your list. The end result is just a database of the music you own.
-- blahginger, Jul 12 2000

Online CD database used by lots of players and CD database systems... [egnor, Jul 12 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]
Open source version. [egnor, Jul 12 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

They'll keep an inventory of all the CDs you have and let you assemble playlists, if you're willing to take the time to insert/remove every CD you own while running their applet. Give it a try before the RIAA finds a way to shut them down. [koz, Jul 12 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Precisely what you are looking for. See site info page for his other sites, which let you track DVD's and other stuff. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]
This is my site, and it does most things requested here, and a few more things too. [Hallgren, Oct 04 2004]

Check out the software list attached to either of those sites; there are lots of CD inventory and organization systems that reference these databases to save you the trouble of entering CD titles (let along track titles!).

(Yes, these online databases are primarily geared to displaying information in a CD player, but they are widely used for CD inventory systems as well. Really.)
-- egnor, Jul 12 2000, last modified Jul 13 2000

I think this is an excellent idea. I just took out contents and theft insurance on my apartment and I'm inventorying all my stuff. 300 CDs is going to be a MAJOR pain!

I've tried a few of the programs listed, and they're OK but not great. I don't mind inserting CDs time after time, but it gets annoying when you have a CD that's not in the database. When that happens you need to manually enter the info anyway (though it's nice to upload it to the database anyway so someone else doesn't run into the same problem).

In fact, most of the sites on the Web including those above are normally maintained by menbers. Gaps in the database are filled in by folks like you and me, so the info can be pretty scarce at times.

There's a hell of a lot of info in CDDB's database already. Accessing it shouldn't be a problem, but indexing it to put on web pages would be a major undertaking.
-- BigThor, Aug 05 2000

I just discovered yesterday that the newest version of Windows Media Player has some sort of a CDDB in it. I put a CD in to get one MP3, and it came up with the band name and all the titles...Of course, it promptly schittenselfen, and wouldn't do anything even remotely resembling working, but it was kind of neat anyway,..
-- StarChaser, Aug 10 2000

i do think this would be neat, and i might even use such a service. but a minute later i asked myself, "why?" and i can't get that question out of my head.
-- gnormal, Mar 22 2001

Thanks for the link krelnik, but this is not quite what I was thinking. CD-Tracker still requires you to type in all of your CD's. This Idea is to have a website that allows you to select CD's from a list and add them to your own list. Sort of as if I was shopping for CD's and adding them to my 'wish list'.
-- blahginger, Oct 28 2002

//CD-Tracker still requires you to type ...//

Son of a gun. I use the companion site "DVDTracker", and it does not. It has a prefab database of known DVD's, you just find yours in there and tick check boxes to populate your list.

I just assumed they had a similar feature on the CD site since its run by the same guy. <insert familar joke about the word 'assume' here>
-- krelnik, Oct 28 2002

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