Product: Toy: Doll
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Similar to Barney (chuckle)

I am proposing construction of a doll with pimples, green skin, a gooey center (of course non-toxic goo,) wrinkles and ugly teeth. As you know, young kids (especially boys and maybe a small amount of girls) like and/of fasinated with creepy monsters. Simple and effective wins the toy-making race.
-- croissantz, Dec 14 2004

Garbage Pail Kids
[Machiavelli, Dec 15 2004]

You mean something like the Garbage Pail Kids? I don't think they made dolls but they had trading cards. See link. What you're proposing sounds a little nastier.
-- Machiavelli, Dec 15 2004

I also thought about adding a canister of bad-smelling stuff for a farting-type feature.
-- croissantz, Dec 19 2004

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