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Like one of those toilet freshner jiggies that hang over the bowl, only for your mouth.

"Cleans and Freshens every time you flush - Toilet Duck"

well, how about Caffeine Duck?

Could take the form of a tooth cap, you put it on, then every time you swallow, or take a drink, some caffeine dissolves and heads off on the perilous journey to your bloodstream. Keep you going all day without having to get coffee breath!
-- zero5, Oct 08 2001

Caffeine patch https://www.caffein...ine-content/spot-on
As mentioned in annos. [whatrock, Nov 14 2018]

Although caffeine is very nice, what about the pleasure of holding a hot mug, feeling it warm your hands, and breathing in the delicious steamy coffee aroma? If all you want is stimulation, you might as well pay an ex-army Sergeant to shout in your ear.
-- pottedstu, Oct 08 2001

Why not caffine patches... like nicotine patches but with caffine. I'm sure someone will already have posted caffine patches..
-- CasaLoco, Oct 08 2001

I find a regular supply of pro-plus and red bull does the trick, but be aware of the risk of flying round the room like a hyperactive 5 yr old! Alternatively, if everyone drank coffee, then no-one would notice coffee breath.
-- sven3012, Oct 08 2001

I'm with pottedstu on this one - to me a good three-quarters of the pleasure of coffee comes from the sensory nature of the experience. The other quarter comes from seeing people wilt when I breathe on them afterwards.
-- stupop, Oct 08 2001

suhweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! only problem is sleep...
-- Seafris, Mar 18 2003

who needs sleep? not us!
i happen to agree with the two stu's. coffee is a good, warm pick-me-up for cold days.
-- igirl, Mar 29 2003

So you could use this invention and have de-caf.
-- snarfyguy, Mar 29 2003

I want a double cap skinny wet- duck.From perhaps starducks?
-- flipmstr2, Jul 27 2003

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