Food: Tea
Calliopic Teapot   (+7)  [vote for, against]
Powered by steam and a little bit of cutesy

A teapot with a steam vent separate from, but above, the spout, in which the steam is forced through various chambers to create music. You know your tea is ready when the reedy strands of Benny Hill (or Holst, if you prefer) echo from the kitchen.

The chambers would be opened and closed according to instructions from a small computerized music box in the calliope. The box could be reprogrammed with memory cards, or it could be USBd to your laptop, allowing you to download tunes to your heart's content.

Batteries not required - this is, of course, powered by steam.
-- shapu, Apr 14 2006

Low-tech version Melodic_20Kettle_20Whistler
Courtesy of [FarmerJohn]. [Shz, Apr 14 2006]

Do you hear that?
Yeah - its "Yackety Sax."
Care for some tea?
-- Letsbuildafort, Apr 14 2006

Hmmm....mine seems a bit redundant then.
-- shapu, Apr 14 2006

Hmmm, I'm not sure anything involving memory cards and USBs will ever reach the status of 'cutsey'...Not very 'Little House On the Prarie' is it?
-- daaisy, Apr 14 2006

shapu - I sympathise with you over this idea being already more or less redundant... I once got really excited about an idea for a Bakelite and black gun metal style "Remingtoniser" that would plug into your keyboard and make it clatter and ding like an old typewriter. I did drawings, I wrote up the idea in a state of increasing enthusiasm, and then I did a final check, just to see if anything like it existed already..... and now you know the rest. Giving you a + for a nice variation of an old idea.
-- xenzag, Apr 15 2006

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