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Mini-sonogram to "see" candy innards

--Wouldn't it be great to have a little device that, when you put in a piece of candy, could "see" beneath the outer shell and let one know a bit more about the center? I'm thinking such a device is, well, within the realm of possibility. All one would need is a sound-conductive medium; say a liquid-filled flexible bag (water balloon for prototype?) beneath which one inserts the suspect candy. A transducer producing wavelengths that pass thru the candy would direct its energy thru the liquid and against the surface of the candy. Depending on contents the sound would be scattered in different ways. Thus it could be determined, without biting the candy open, whether or not the center contains nuts or fruit or gooey stuff. --And yes, I know that the squiggle dribbled on top of candies is specific to the interior contents, but that sort of takes the fun out of it, heh.
-- Steamboat, Dec 28 2004

Chocolooks Never can pass up the chance to link to what turned in to one of my favorite. [half, Dec 28 2004]

Funny how often this comes up. I guess I'm not the only picky chocolate eater.
-- half, Dec 28 2004

Partly because she had two squabbling children who could never agree that things were shared fairly unless they were split exactly down the middle, my mother used to cut each chocolate in half. That way we could also see whether it was something we could bear, before the offending taste ever touched our tongues. This still seems like a very practical low tech solution to this problem.

Sonograms are indeed suitable for much more than just medical work. They can be used to tell whether milk has spoiled or fruit ripened (or rotted).

Whether a ultrasound can distinguish between orange cream (yay!) and coconut cream (ugh!), I'm not so sure, but here's a croissant for you to test.
-- DrCurry, Dec 28 2004

Yes, a knife would be the simple solution to finding out if the chocolate you're eyeing has the maple or brown sugar creme fillings (double ewww!) or marshmallow-and-soft-caramel filling (orgasmic). But scanning them with ultrasound is just really cool. Sounds like something one would find at The Sharper Image.
-- Machiavelli, Dec 28 2004

Eat peanuts.
-- wagster, Dec 28 2004

It's a wet blanket solution but I get around this one by not buying lame chocolate assortments. Quality street and Roses always seem to be heavily weighted towards the nasty ones. Better to find a proper sweetshop and not buy anything with nuts, coconut, banana or that weird white stuff that I've never been able to identify or swallow.
-- stilgar, Jun 20 2005

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