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For gumballs and/or jawbreakers

I plunked the quarter into the machine not knowing what flavor was in store for me. A little green ball fell into the line of fire. I thought to myself how that could be lime, mint or a yummy sour apple. Eh, what the hell, either way it looks good to me I mused as my hand pulled back the pin. There it was as it shot across the board bouncing off of many things and racking up points. As I passed my first thousand points a ticket came out of the machine. I could either keep playing and win tickets to redeem for prizes or too late I just missed the last shot as it went between the two flippers.

Game Over flashed the machine as the little green ball was deposited to a place where I could pick it up.

As I picked it up I read the words, 'twist off.' Upon twisting the ball its clear plastic carapace came apart revealing the shiny green gumball inside.

I guess I had forgotten how much I really liked the flavor of lime gumballs. Yummers.
-- sartep, May 31 2004

In Stores Now! Get Your Candy Pinball Machine Today!
-- DesertFox, May 31 2004

If you hit one of those store a ball / give back another ball somewhere else traps, you may be able to change flavors in mid-play!
-- jutta, May 31 2004

TILT! Loss of gumball (+)
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 01 2004

I'm all for anything that makes me feel better about losing.
-- tchaikovsky, Jun 01 2004

the tickets for those cheap prizes mount up if you "win".
-- dentworth, Jun 01 2004

you walk by the pinball machine, and you see a generous-sized man playing it. you say to yourself: "oh, he weights like... what? a ton? Seems like he ate lots of that candy. Yup, he must be a real looser."
-- sweet, Jun 01 2004

Or a winner, if the tickets are redeemed for prizes which also happen to be candy. I'd be flattered if someone played that game enough to win an actual big ticket item.
-- sartep, Jun 01 2004

Actually this is baked, not quite exactly as described above but I've seen a gumball dispenser on a pinball-type aparatus. But instead of a ticket you could get more gumballs in the playing field.
-- swimr, Jun 01 2004

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