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Intimidate other motorists on the cheap

Fed up of being in a small car among the behemoths currently in vogue? Can't afford a new tank? Why not try Car Masks.

These highly realistic renditions of popular oversized vehicles, are manufactured from sturdy plastic and come either ready painted or primered for the artistic amongst us.

Flat packed for convenient delivery they assemble in minutes with simple tab and slot construction, follow the simple instructions to create the body shell and adjust the internal supports to suit your donor vehicle and voila you need never worry about the size of you genitals again.
-- rambling_sid, Dec 16 2004

Jasper Maskelyne http://www.channel4...l_lives/jasper.html
Stage Magician employed by the British army in WW2 who managed to make tanks look like trucks, trucks look like tanks and who convinced enemy bomber crews that Alexandria harbour was miles away from its true location. [DrBob, Dec 16 2004]

why not, these probably exist, too lazy to look it up.
-- dentworth, Dec 16 2004

//donor vehicle// now a car looking like a doner kebab would be *really* frightening.
-- po, Dec 16 2004

This was actually baked during the Second World War. The British Army had trucks and cars wearing 'tank' suits' so that, from a distance, they looked like an armoured column. They also had tanks wearing 'lorry suits' as a disguise. <linky>
-- DrBob, Dec 16 2004

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