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So you don't terrorize yourself and carmates with a blaring radio.

I find I have a special issue when it comes to car radios. As I shut them off--by depressing the dial--i have a tendency to turn it. Though I usually only turn it a bit, I give myself quite a start later on when I turn it on and have some horrid inane pop screaming at me through the speakers. I think that the dials should consist of a large circular button inlaid in the cylindrical dial. Otherwise, you turn it--or at least turn the side-- like you would any other dial.
-- watermelancholy, Jul 31 2002

Seems to me you shouldn't tune into stations playing horrid inane pop in the first place...
-- DrCurry, Jul 31 2002

Must've been the doing of one of those awful carmates, [DrCurry].
-- watermelancholy, Jul 31 2002

Some rare radios have the ancent "power" button now, but some manf's are moving away from that to have more space for dispalys, etc.

Really expensive radios (forgot what brand) have a startup volume setting. Set it for a fairly soft volume, then when you turn your car off, the volume always comes back on at that level, no matter what it was when you turned it off.
-- dtstyle, Jul 31 2002

I always turn my car stereo down before I turn it off.
-- waugsqueke, Jul 31 2002

Seems to me if those awful carmates changed the channel on you, they probably also changed the volume control. So separating the two would not help you. I recommend ejecting said carmates.

Then you'll just have your favorite station screaming at you through the speakers when you turn the radio on.
-- DrCurry, Jul 31 2002

I think watermelancholy has two personalities, one that listens to WQXR playing gently in the background, and another one that roars through the neighborhood with Z-100 blaring from the windows, yelling obscene suggestions at all the women on the sidewalk.

[Though I must admit I'm confused at what a 13-year-old is doing driving a car. Does your mommy know?]
-- DrCurry, Jul 31 2002

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