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Car park locator cam   (+11)  [vote for, against]
Find your car with ease.

You've had a fun day out with the kids (presumably your own, but I'm not judging, and besides - what child would complain about being kidnapped and taken to a theme park?) at Bakerworld, and realise that you've got no freakin' idea where you parked. Crap!

No problem, no problem at all.

Pop over to the Cam station located by the park entrance, where you enter the model and colour of your vehicle, and the securi-compu-cams scan the car park for a match. You can then zoom in on the potential cars with the extra camera and contol console provided for such a purpose, and once you've verified that the car you're looking at is indeed your distinctively pimped ride, a map appears on-screen showing which part of the car park (and indeed, which car park) you've been looking at.

Now go home.
-- friendlyfire, Jul 29 2005

Bakerworld Bakerworld
Where else? [friendlyfire, Jul 29 2005]

MARCO! Polocator_20System
an entirely different approach. [ato_de, Jul 29 2005]

Since this actually has happened to me (with my parents at EPCOT), I reckon this should have a bun...
-- froglet, Jul 29 2005

With a little bit of extra technology, perhaps it could relay the signal from your remote key throughout the parking lot. When it senses a honk, it can show a closeup of your car and it's location.
-- Worldgineer, Jul 30 2005

Damnit. Now where did I leave that blasted car park?
-- hidden truths, Jul 30 2005

And mabye car companies wont try to turn a profit, and make every car different.
-- Antegrity, Jul 30 2005

Nice idead but i think their would be a pretty damn long line to use it. Also instead of just showing you the map why not just print out a treasure map to your car! X <---- your car is here
-- Sudok, Jul 30 2005

surely it does facial recognition as you leave the car in the first place, then, as it spots you searching, illuminates giant arrows pointing you to your vehicular rendevous?
-- neilp, Jul 30 2005

How about at the end of every aisle a box of tags to put on your key ring with your row number on it. Or to get high-tech, an id tag scan thingy and you just swipe it over a scanner when leaving and it'll tell you which aisle...that's a bit of overkill, eh?
-- goober, Jul 30 2005

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