Product: Greeting Card
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Know what they really think of you

Someone wise once said that how you feel when you receive a letter from an old friend speaks to your true feelings about the person.

But how is the friend supposed to know how you truly feel?

Enter the card cam. A mild mannered greeting card is equipped with a cheap digital camera triggered by the opening of the card, much like those musical cards. The card snaps a photo or short video clip of the poor chump who opens the card and then uploads it to the Internet via an onboard wireless transmitter that looks for unsecured WiFi or other pathway, perhaps even requesting consent to piggyback on the data plan of someone who actually bothered to make it to the party.
-- the porpoise, Nov 23 2015

If you've got a mole at the party anyway, why not just have them secretly record it?
-- 21 Quest, Nov 23 2015

Uninformative. Just FOIA the NSA feeds.
-- Voice, Nov 23 2015

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