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Mass transportation system based on carnival rides

Cable car skyway system, gently swaying above the din and drudgery of the surface denizens....oscillating pony, like a merry-go-round...but it goes gracefully, gently galloping straight to your destination and beyond....wild, diving, looping, curving at 70 mph open two seaters that get to work and back home in exciting, glorious minutes. These rides would give the commuters a thrill, a peaceful, joyful experience or a gentle, sight filled ride in quiet breeze filled comfort.

Rides would come by pickup stations continuously, passengers would pay their token to call in the desired type car from the ever moving cable and track system...the empty car, horse, turtle, or sky car diverts from the main line, slows and stops, the passengers get on and lower the restraining system...and enjoy the ride.

Imagine a population filled with excitement at getting to get back on the public transportation system, rather than dreading the crowded, vaporous, human clogged systems we tolerate today.
-- Blisterbob, Aug 21 2007

haven't we been here before? RollerCommuterCoaster
roller coaster to work, anyone? [globaltourniquet, Aug 21 2007]

Apparently, UnaBubba really wanted to do this MetroCoaster_20Mass_20Transit_20System
[globaltourniquet, Aug 21 2007]

And when it rains...?

Btw, I've always found the existing mass transit systems to be quite a rollercoaster ride. I remember being totally underwhelmed by an earthquake simulator at the Geology Museum, because you could get a bigger effect riding the platform of a London bus.
-- DrCurry, Aug 21 2007

i love the idea of this idea, baked to death, evidently, but still a pleasant thought. of course, it only takes one death on the transit to make everyone uneasy and stop having fun.
-- k_sra, Aug 21 2007

We could just upgrade the tube - unsafe speeds, rocking track, sharp bends, sideshow acts in the carriages, scary dark bits without lighting... oh,wait... that's the tube.
-- wagster, Aug 21 2007

Not nearly as scary as the New York subway system and the multiple levels of tunnels you must climb down to ride certain parts of it.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 23 2007

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