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I can't tell you my girlfriend's phone number.

Can you? When I was 12 I had memorised at least 10 phone numbers. Today I probably know 2.

Kevin Trudeau conned me into buying his Mega Memory course before my final year exams. I didn't complete the course and rarely use any of it, but remember he did use a cute way to remember numbers: by assigning each number a picture (1 is tree, 2 is light switch, 3 is stool...) and then giving them colour and action. So, 555-6208 might look like this:
2 black gloves (55) shake hands while a 3rd (5) bursts between them holding a yellow gun (6) that shoots off the top of a polka dot light switch (2). A giant donut (0) comes bounding out of the crater created, landing on a pink skateboard (8) that flies into the air smacking you on the nose.

Assign your own 10 pictures and the Cartoon Connect app will create a cartoon around/involving a photo of your girlfriend or any other significant. It will play on the screen briefly whenever you scroll to her name. Some numbers are worth remembering.

Batteries die.
-- shudderprose, Oct 29 2009

Wikipedia: Mnemonic
[jutta, Oct 29 2009]

Kevin Trudeau http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Kevin_Trudeau
[shudderprose, Oct 29 2009]

Cute n clever. [+]
-- wagster, Oct 29 2009

Just for accuracy's sake - Kevin Trudeau has contributed absolutely nothing, zip, zilch, big bounding donut to the practice of mnemonics; he's merely one of many who have popularized this well-known method.
-- jutta, Oct 29 2009

Bloody Canadian politicians.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 29 2009

// Canadian politicians //

Wasn't that Garry Trudeau ?
-- 8th of 7, Oct 29 2009

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