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MP3 player in a cassette tape form factor

The idea is to make a typical portable mp3 player in the form factor of a cassette tape. Built-in would be a magnetic head to couple sound directly to a tape player.

This solves the problem of requiring a cassette adapter to go from your mp3 player to your car deck.

It would still have a headphone jack so could be used portably. Would likely require rechargeable built-in batteries only, to be made thin enough. Could still have a display. Cool thing (or idea flaw) would be that the track advance buttons would not always be accessible depending on what type of deck you put it into, so the functions (fwd/back/play/pause) would have to be controlled by sensing the motion of the reel cogs - cool eh?

This idea is technically possible, but even as the "inventor", I don't think there's much of a need/market for it, so I'm just posting it for the sake of mental masturbation.
-- garyspare2, Jun 20 2007

DAH220 MP3 WMA player
Looks like a cassette tape; functions like one when you put it into a cassette player. [jutta, Jun 20 2007]

Digisette MP3 player
Old, tiny. [jutta, Jun 20 2007]

Review/comparison of both.
[jutta, Jun 20 2007]

RetroPod RetroPod
[hippo, Jun 21 2007]

They seem to not exist anymore, so here's a link to an archived version of their site [hippo, Jun 21 2007]

[Baked] YouTube: Techmoan: MP3 player in a cassette form factor, played in an 8-track player with an adapter
[notexactly, Oct 03 2019]

Good idea; see links.
-- jutta, Jun 20 2007

sorry, i'm not a fan of cassettes or fooling with them anyhow. on the other hand, anyone actually remember a-tracks?
-- abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007

// anyone actually remember a-tracks?// No, are they anything like mondegreen 8-tracks?
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 21 2007

This is baked, I seached for it a few years ago when I thought of it and it already existed then. I thought there was one here on the bakery too but I can't find it. The only innovations I had was to charge it using the rotation of the spools and have a removable face on a wire that stuck out of the player.
-- marklar, Jun 21 2007

[marklar] - are you thinking of the "RetroPod" (linked)and the RomeMP3 player (linked)?
-- hippo, Jun 21 2007

a-tracks/8-tracks confusion...tee hee hee.

I want to see an implementation of an MP3 player into a large disk-shaped vinyl object that will reproduce accurately on a record player - advanced models will allow for scratching effects.
-- zen_tom, Jun 21 2007

[zen] Relatively easy to do - you just need to convert the sound into a varying magnetic field which would be detected by the needle pickups.
-- hippo, Jun 21 2007

That's ok for these new fangled record players - I should have been more specific - what I want is an mp3 gramophone record!
-- zen_tom, Jun 21 2007

ok, this would be like a little toy car that tries to go round in a circle as the deck spins or doesn't if you just have a wind-up gramophone and you are lazy. The 'roof' of the car would have a concave vibrating membrane like a speaker but more durable for the needle to sit on. et viola.
-- marklar, Jun 21 2007

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