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For a real fur lining.

When it's cold like this I like to sit with a cat or two lying on or about me. In addition to the company, we all benefit from the mutual exchange of heat. Unfortunately, sometimes events in life require me to sally forth into the great outdoors which is considerably colder than the small indoors and entirely devoid of cats and their magical warming properties.

I would like a couple (or more) of cat sized pockets on the inside of my jacket wherein I can insert my cats before leaving the house. Just above the pockets would be zips that the cats could poke their heads out of for a good view. A zipper on each end of the zip would allow a more or less airtight seal to be formed around the cat's neck. We could then keep each other warm all day and I would reward them with tuna flakes.

Plus I would have cats with me at work.
-- wagster, Dec 19 2005

Artist's Impression
[DrCurry, Dec 19 2005]

"What's that noise?"

"Oh, that? It's my new Purr Coat!" (Sorry, I couldn't resist).

At work the cats would jump out and sit on all the paper. (Elijah's Second Law of Cats says that cats must always sit on a piece of paper, if it exists). Also cats might be a bit big (and heavy) to carry. Use kittens instead (unless you're from the Uncyclopedia).

Bun for you.
-- dbmag9, Dec 19 2005

where did budgy pockets go?
-- po, Dec 19 2005

To the dry cleaners, maybe.
-- DrCurry, Dec 19 2005

[dbmag9], do you know why cats sit on paper? Because they can read with their butts. Granted, very slowly, and their comprehension level is low, but they can.
-- normzone, Dec 19 2005

and when my cat pockets encounter your cat pockets?
meeeeeoooooowrrrr! rowwwwerrr fffftph! grrrrrr...

heh heh, bun. [+]
-- Zuzu, Dec 19 2005

Sorry, I could only think of the downside to these... It's cold, and you're rushing to get into the warm. You delve into your pocket for the car or house keys, and one finger gets very warm... EEk! The cat was ready for a breech exit.[fishy for kitty] (The cat wouldn't like it either.)
-- Dub, Dec 20 2005

I have been taking my kitten, Tok, out in my hood with me wherever I go since we got him. He loves living in his hood, is extremely chill (stoner cat), and doesn't mind being worn like a scarf. Wal-Mart loves him, Grocery Stores don't care, and the mall barely notices... plus EVERYBODY loves him! I've had several guys flirt with me over him! Imagine the Chicks you could pick up! I suggest getting a Birman, or a Ragdoll... and then just man handle them everyday from when you get them, and give him a bath once a week (keeps off fleas, and keeps him soft and fluffy so people adore him, and makes it so he's used to being bathed, and while he won't ever 'like' water, he won't be a bitch about it).
-- Juggalo4Eternity, Dec 20 2005

//where did budgy pockets go?// See the feathers sticking out of my cat pockets?
-- wagster, Dec 20 2005

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