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Cat Wash-Box   (-3)  [vote for, against]
Safe and easy way to bathe your feline

Its a cat bathing aid around the size of a microwave oven. Basically a plastic box with the top open. The angry bugger's head pokes out of one end (held in place like a pillory, except the collar would be padded of course, to reduce risk of injury), leaving the operator free to pour in warm water, pet shampoo, flea medication, what-not. Only two things can happen though- he'll sit still, or freak out and injure himself, and rip your hands off.
-- mailtosalonga, Sep 15 2005

Cat bather Cat_20Bather
a idea from drfowler (Renee)- sadly missed. [skinflaps, Sep 15 2005]

Had ta link this somewhere.
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 16 2005]

1) Declaw the cat.
2) Hire a cat groomer.

More seriously, I used to have a cat that had no idea he was getting wet if he didn't see the water, so this might work on some cats (if they don't strangle themselves on the collar).
-- DrCurry, Sep 15 2005

You don't need to wash cats, they do it themselves. Famous for it. In fact, if they don't wash themselves, there's something wrong. And please ignore [DC]. Declawing is not a nice thing to do to a cat *at all*.
-- squeak, Sep 15 2005

I wash my cat! Twice a year, once in June, and once in August.

Its because she doesnt like kitty litter to poop in so goes into the garden to do it instead- resulting in very muddy paws!!

Therefore, I would need something like this- however I dont think it would work. For one, a microwave oven size sounds more like torture and temporary imprisonment, and secondly, my cat would end up trying to head-butt the lid to jump out and claw me.

I just lock myself and the cat into the bathroom and perform the required task- resulting in a very many a scratch!!!
-- chocolateraindrops, Sep 15 2005

Cat bum corks are certainly not meant to be left in for ten months between August and June. Please read the instructions again.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 16 2005

Instructions to what? I wash my cat twice a year because those months are the hot months- in the UK every other month is too cold to send a wet cat out into the open
-- chocolateraindrops, Sep 16 2005

If you don't dry a long-haired cat completely, the fur gets tangled immediately, pretty much negating the purpose of grooming in the first place.
-- DrCurry, Sep 16 2005

... hmm... could work for dogs... but cats? They go crazy! ... they'll turn upside down in your box scratch and claw you. I think you'd need to hold the legs more than the neck. Cats can do all kinds of flips even if you hold their heads. Would be pretty traumatic experience for both .... better to give the owner a fishbone to give to the kitty :-)
-- ixnaum, Sep 18 2005

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