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Mindless entertainment!

Mmm K, so what we got is a screen, that is facing the outside of the house. Then 4 inches from the screen we have a another screen. Place cat in between screen.

Cat has claws, Cat climbs on screens. Cat lacerates you the moment you let him out, but it is fun to watch Cat climb around in between the windows.

Be sure not to forget about the Cat and not feed it, you might have a dead Cat between your windows next month. Or the evil Cat Reaper will come and haunt you in your shower!
-- EvilPickels, May 22 2005

I see people boned this one for no reason.
-- EvilPickels, May 23 2005

[EvilPickels], I gave you a bun because I hate cats, but hopefully you can see how this is a bit distasteful, and perhaps even indicative of a dormant but very powerful personality disorder that may one day result in your evolution into a twisted serial killer?
-- contracts, May 23 2005

Given a steady supply of sunshine, some cats I know would enjoy this snooze zone.
-- normzone, May 23 2005

So, living cats hate showers, but the Cat Reaper chooses shower as your death bed? Cat Reaper has a wicked sense of humor, or just knows where all the humans intuitively go when they hear a cat demon is in the house. Makes sense, really.
-- daseva, May 23 2005

[EP] the Bakery's normally pretty tolerant, but many Bakers suffer complete humour failure when confronted with a cat abuse idea, that's why they've boned you. I like cats, but this is funny as hell so I'm bunning on the understanding that you never actually do it, OK?
-- DocBrown, May 24 2005

Sounds like a cat gym to me. Cats love climbing screen doors, so surely having two to leap between would be even better. It's not like there was any nasty suggestion of poking or squirting the cat. My cat is bunning this.
-- wagster, May 24 2005

Possibly [wags], although the 4 inches of clearance between the screens might need revising to give the cats some more room to leap.
-- DocBrown, May 24 2005

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